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Aktuelle Publikation von Lukas Biesen und Dr. Lars May erschienen


Aroyl-S,N-ketene acetal-based bichromophores can be readily synthesized in a one-pot strategy in good to excellent yields by condensation of aroyl chlorides and an N-(p-bromobenzyl) 2-methyl benzothiazolium salt followed by a Suzuki-coupling, yielding a library of 31 bichromophoric fluorophores with substitution pattern-tunable emission properties. The variation of both chromophores enables to explore different communication pathways between the chromophores, exploiting aggregation-induced emission (AIE) and energy transfer (ET) properties, and thus, furnishing aggregation-based fluorescence switches. Possible applications range from fluorometric analysis of alcoholic beverages to pH sensors.



Kategorie/n: OC Müller